Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 1

e and the big rock, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.

E and I went for a hike while L was at her Nature Center class. L was making a bird journal and went on a hike to look for birds. We walked e's favorite trail to the hilltop with the big rocks. Along the way we saw deer and raccoon tracks in the mud. We met up with B and P, and the kids tried to make a seesaw out of a log and some rocks. It was cold today .. but we managed to keep ourselves warm enough to stay out for almost the whole 2 hours. We did look at the inside exhibits for a few minutes. E likes to do the magnet game ... putting all the animals in their proper homes. And we like to visit the frogs, toads, turtles, tortoise and snakes. L had an OK class (It was a new teacher and she loved her other teacher) but had a little trouble with a girl in the class who said L's shoes were ugly and were "boy shoes." L was upset but was remarkably insightful about it all. We talked about how the other girl may have been feeling left out since L has so many friends in the class. L concluded our conversation with "Well, I like my shoes. Girls can wear whatever shoes they want." Right on!

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Diana said...

glad she's learning the lesson about shoes so young. You'd be surprised at what torture french women seem to be willing to be their feet through - I've never seen anything like it!