Thursday, October 22, 2009

poor richard's inn

poor richard's inn, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
This is where we stayed in Cape May, NJ .. it was only a few houses down from the beach! The first day was spent mostly driving to NJ. We got checked in and wandered around town .. found a great restaurant with the best spring rolls that I have ever tasted. Then we had to find a good ice cream place. We went out to Cape May Point Lighthouse and watched the sunset and then took a hike in the dusk. We saw an owl! It was a beautiful night for a hike; the moon was bright and we could see the boardwalks. It was warm and there was a nice breeze. We felt so far away from everything. When we went back to town, we decided to wander some more .. and we found an arcade and played skee ball. So fun!

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Diana said...

what a funky house! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Yay for you, and happy anniversary!