Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Georgetown canal

Georgetown, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.

Time to head home. There is so much to do in DC .. even though we packed it in today, we barely scratched the surface. We had an excellent breakfast (sweet potato pancakes) at Pete's Diner .. right around the corner from the capitol building. Then we walked to the Museum of Natural History. On the way, we passed the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Capitol building .. and LOTS of police and secret service. With all the threats floating around .. there were lots of dogs and guns and black cars. Yikes. We got to see the cherry trees coming into bloom .. they are everywhere .. and have been there for 98 years since Japan gave them to us as a gift. We all loved the museum .. even though it was super busy. I wish we'd had more energy. We did see some of the exhibits including the insect zoo and the butterflies. And the Hope diamond. I took the kids to the carousel and j went to get our car. Then we headed to Georgetown and got dinner at "the tombs" and dessert at "baked and wired". We drove out of the city .. which took forever .. but we got to see all sorts of things so it was worth it. The kids were excited to catch a glimpse of the White House. It was a long ride home but the tired kids did great and eventually slept. J and I were all proud of ourselves when we hit traffic outside New Haven. We got off the highway and navigated around it. When we got back on we had the highway to ourselves. It was surreal. I am not made for getting home at 2am anymore. But it was worth it .. we had a great trip and are planning to go again and stay a bit longer.

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