Friday, November 5, 2010

niantic bay half marathon 2010

We did it! Well, I crossed the finish line. And I was not last. And I was much "faster" than my trial run of the course a few weeks before the race. So .. great! Now if only I can properly train for the next year and run a half that I feel I am actually ready to run. But alas, homeschooling life does not leave a whole lot of room for running. However, a few times a month now the kids are both in classes at the same time and I run run run and it is glorious!
I am so very far behind on my blog .. mostly because I have taken so very many pictures that I am busy sorting .. and because we are just so very busy. I am writing this post about sept 26th on nov 5 .. and I only have this time because we are playing hooky from art class because we all have the sniffles and it is cold and rainy and we needed a quiet slow start today. As much as I want to record our happenings as they are happening .. I also want to be out there enjoying it all with the kids .. so a balance must be found! I have a distinct feeling that we will be spending a lot more time at home once it is really cold out. So I am sure I will catch up .. someday!

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