Saturday, January 23, 2010

art time

art time, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.

Florence Griswold museum hs class. The kids made tissue paper light catchers. I am sometimes amazed by the attention span of my children .. they can really focus on things. They also made a few other things .. decorated fans, flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners .. and then we read some art books in the loft. Afterwards we stopped at my new favorite birding spot and took a hike. We saw black ducks, tons of mallards, a red-bellied woodpecker (yelling at us), a great blue heron flying right by us, a hooded merganser and last but not least ring-necked ducks (which I have never seen before!). We got a little chilly at the end but it was so refreshing to be outside. We found trees that were beaver chewed .. and checked out the fish ladder again. Since the nature preserve is right on the way home from class .. it will be fun to stop in at times throughout the year and see how it has changed.


Run Home Pam said...

Where is this, Denise?

hobbitsmama said...

This is at Florence Griswold class.