Thursday, January 7, 2010

cold walk

cold walk, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
It was actually a bit warmer today .. and we rejoined the world of the"healthy" and actually made it to the nature center class. L learned about snakes but had an unpleasant time with one of the other kids in the class who teased her and also called her a "fried potato." ?? I hate to have her unhappy but one has to learn the lesson of how to deal with kids like that somehow. We have come up with some strategies for the future classes .. and L even suggested that maybe the girl does not have many friends and doesn't know how to be nice. e and I ran errands .. getting lots more vitamins and playing at the toy store. I picked up some great new workbooks for the kids on how to tell time, how to make sentences and how to count money. So far I am one down on the 3/50 project (pick 3 local businesses you want to see stick around and spend 50 dollars there to be sure they so stick around.) since I bought the workbooks at Mystical Toys.

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