Friday, January 8, 2010

vitamin sculptures

vitamin sculptures, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
e had taken to making elaborate sculptures and/or faces out of all of the vitamins we are taking to try to get healthy. He adds his dried fruit for the ultimate special effects. Since the kids were out until after 10 last night and everyone was short on patience .. we decided to stay home today. The kids were doing lots of playing and organizing. Later we watched Bolt for the first time and all had a good laugh. I got an in depth description of the ice show last night. e wanted to tell me all about how the castle moved and how people must have gotten up on it and around it, etc. He liked the jumping and spinning and wants to go to another show. L spent a long time looking at all the pictures in the program trying to match up the photos of the skaters with the characters in the show. It was fun to see all their excitement about it. I remember being that excited to see ice shows when I was little. :)

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