Friday, December 18, 2009

hunting for the perfect tree

hunting for the perfect tree, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
Started the day at the pediatricians and now we have our arms full of vitamins and such to strengthen up the kiddos. Then we ran some errands and picked up grandpa B for our 2nd annual tree hunt. It was cold but oh so sunny! This year we got a white pine to try something different. It smells wonderful! Last year we poked all over and took forever to reach a consensus on the perfect tree .. this year it took us all of 2 minutes. Everyone was in agreement. We headed home and started the decorating. Then we lit our Channukah candles for the 2nd night. Sunday we went to church for the solstice service. This is one of my favorite services ... lots of singing and of course, the marvelous drums. Lots of gorgeous candles. We are really celebrating all around here. Give us a holiday and we will celebrate!
Birdfeeded is finally back up. We discovered that a few house finches had conjunctivitis so to keep the other birds from catching it ... we took our feeders in for a week and bleached them out. Actually we also got a nice new feeder. It has been a slow start but we have now seen some juncos (yay, we didn't lose them!), cardinals, downy woodpecker, chickadees, and titmice. I have noticed a merlin around our house and even swooping though our yard recently so that may have more to do with our slow feeder than the fact that it was in for a while. We used to have about 12 mourning doves in our maple tree each afternoon and I think I have seen one recently. Merlin meals?

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