Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Question Mark butterfly

Question Mark butterfly, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.

Next day we decided to head off to Hammonasset .. it was so warm but very windy. We only saw White-throated sparrows and one Hairy Woodpecker. But we did see this beautiful Question Mark butterfly and a praying mantis. Really all the wildlife is confused by this warm weather. We had a really nice walk though and were lucky to find the Meigs Point nature center open. We saw the box turtles eating mice. Yummy. And checked out the animal exhibits. The more we go there; the more I realize how much I love Hammonasset. The kids especially liked the "bone box" .. a box with a wire mesh top where they put dead animals to be eaten by insects and bleached by the sun. I love the fact that my kids were completely attracted to this potentially gruesome thing and found it absolutely wonderful. They want to go back and check on them soon to see how the bones (and leftover flesh) have changed.

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