Tuesday, December 1, 2009

zuzu keeping L company while she is sick

OK then. We had friends over only to have L start feeling horrible right in the middle of a game. That night her fever shot up and she woke with chest pains. Off to the ER again. Only to find she has pneumonia! Yikes! I did not sleep well for a few nights just making sure she was breathing allright every so often and getting her medicine if she needed it. So we are back to taking it easy. We really had so indication that she was so ill still. Her cough was gone and that would have clued us in. Anyway, she is getting better now. Highlights were that e declared (after j picked him up at the ER and brought him home) that he wants to go back to the ER soon because it is exciting .. and he was convinced that mommy and L were having more fun at the hospital. L was excited to have an oxygen treatment and to see her x-rays. She was very ill and pretty lethargic but not so much that she neglected to ask all the nurses lots of questions about the equipment in the exam rooms. :)

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