Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice sun

solstice sun, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
Solstice is here and the solstice fairies came .. bringing a pile of exciting books. We made sun drawings and I (finally!) painted my clay sun. We exchanged presents. e has already filled up his camera card and used up a set of batteries! L has been enjoying her very own music and speakers. They made coupons for each other. My favorites are e invited L to come to his secret pretend world and L said e can play whatever he wants in her room. :) We took a walk on the beach and found lots of sea glass and sea pottery. We had a delicious dinner of pecan honey and mustard encrusted salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and apple cupcakes with cider cream cheese frosting. YUM. (The day before we had delicious corn bread and jerusalem artichoke cheddar soup!) It was so wonderful to have 2 family days .. mostly snowed in and quiet and calm (as much as is possible with kids ;)

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Run Home Pam said...

I love the coupon idea! I'm going to steal that one for the slew of winter birthdays coming up.....

Happy Solstice!