Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 4th .. barn island

barn island, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
Today we ran errands at the library and food coop. We visited with Miss Sue at the library who said "Your kids are so wonderful, so sweet and well-behaved. I love to see them. I love when you come in. " What a compliment! Is it bad that I wonder sometimes where those traits are when we are at home? I know, I know .... they are free at home to let it all out because they know they are loved no matter what. Sooooo .. we signed L up for the science program "messing around with books" that is starting at the end of September. Then we went to the farmers market and coop. Ran into friends and caught up .. and talked to one of the teachers at the magnet school who was there with a field trip. He said "We always run into you when we are on field trips!" We did in fact see them at the arboretum last June when they were probably on their last field trip. I am sure he is a great teacher .. but my recurrent theme of "every day is a field trip" seems much more appealing to me. :)
Fri eve we headed to Barn Island in Stonington for the Full Moon hike .. the Corn Moon. We walked through a beautiful meadow where many owls live .. watched the moon rise, heard a fox yipping (!! love foxes!!) and had a very fast-paced (I ended up carrying e for almost the whole 1.5 miles so we could keep up) but pleasant evening. Too bad J could not join us .. but he would not make it off the train on time. We want to go back to do this loop on Barn Island soon!

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