Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 9th .. hard working yardworker

hard working yardworker, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
Today we were waiting for the plumber so we cancelled our plans to go peach/apple picking. :( The plumber finally came an hour late and stayed for 5 minutes .. however we decided to have a yard work day. L asked if she could use the clippers (deep breath ... she is 7) and so off she went thrilled. She spent literally 4 hours clipping weeds out of the fence. We were so productive! e even helped me cut some out (not as productive but cute) and we sat atop the compost bin for a while and watched the birds at the feeder. We have an adorable finch who visits right now who has no tail feathers. She has some issues steering and landing so each time she makes it onto the feeder, we cheer. Since I cleared out the garden, the birds were all over the freshly turned dirt. We planted some lettuce and a little spinach. I may be too late on that .. but it was fun anyway!

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