Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sept 13th .. there is nothing like a new baby

zane, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
Sunday brought church .. this is our newest friend Zane (love this name!) .. and he is adorable! We went early to get everything set up for our potluck. Service was beautiful ... one of my favorites of the year .. the water communion. We all gather in one service, and it was crowded .. more chairs had to be brought out and we were packed in .. i love to see so many people there. Many uu's take the summer off, so it was a great time to see everyone. And during the service everyone has a chance to go forward and add the water they collected over the summer to the special bowl on the chancel. We added ours from Lake Kashwakamak in Ontario. The kids were so excited to see their friends and are looking forward to starting their classes next week. Well L is excited and e is apprehensive.
I was very nervous about the potluck but we had a great turnout. Our minister pronounced me "the queen of membership." :) I am feeling overwhelmed being committee chair this year. Somehow when asked 2 years ago I thought the kids would be so much older and I would have more free time .. but those 2 years flew by and I am just as busy with the kids; if not more so. The potluck going well makes me feel a little more at peace with the responsibilities; and the kids were a great help and even stayed for lunch.
e says when we came home we played with train tracks, read a story, watched a movie, went grocery shopping, listened to the new books on tape .. he remembers perhaps better than I.

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