Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 12th .. feeding bunnies at terra firma farm

Another rainy day .. but we managed to sneak in a walk at the farm while we were picking up our veggies from our csa. We fed the rabbits some grass and I absolutely fell in love with this one. (I think it it a rex rabbit and it reminded me of how much I would love to have one. :)
J came home with his new elaborate tattoo and the kids asked lots of questions. I wish we could have gone with him because I know the kids would have been interested to watch .. but I know we could not have handled the four hours in the tattoo place! L spent a lot of time today writing words with "at" and kept coming up with them .. cat, hat, mat! A good reminder for me of how motivated the kids are to learn and how natural and spontaneous their learning can be if I relax and let them lead us. She knows more words by sight each day and I am trusting the process. She certainly has the motivation to read .. we spend hours on the couch looking at books, "reading" and creating stories from the illustrations and "painting" with a dry paintbrush. (my artist!) She made up this activity a long time ago and I feel she is studying how the illustrations were made. Now e does follows her example. I know that they are learning all the time .. and I am reminded of the beauty and wonder in the things I am inclined to think of as ordinary and every day. My "job" is to provide an environment full of options and opportunities. I really do love this time of year .. I feel very inspired.

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