Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 3rd .. walking in the meadow

e walking in the meadow, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.
We spent today at the nature center, where L had her class on birds and they created bird journals. L showed us an owl skull and talons. E and I took a long walk and saw a cormorant land in the pond, painted turtles sunning themselves, dragonflies and butterflies, and tons of hungry mosquitos. We collected milkweed for our monarch caterpillar whom we have not named. Sometimes the kids agree to call it "Norm" but we need to find another soon so they can each name one. I look forward to our monarch visitors each year. We collect at least one each year and watch it eat eat eat, chrysalis and then fly away. We forgot to check in at the nature center on our 3 abandoned baby wrens. L did get to see a baby goldfinch that they are hand feeding and she wanted to be sure I understood that it cannot be released since it will be raised by people. It was nice to see so many friends at L's class ... some of whom we have not seen since June .. and of course, some that we see quite often. Whoever says socialization for homeschoolers is a problem has not experienced our life.
4 year old e's philosophical pondering for the day "When we die, we are just gone. " Alrighty then.

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