Monday, September 14, 2009

Ocean Beach

at Ocean Beach, originally uploaded by hobbitsmama.

L woke me up this morning by asking if she could go out and do more yardwork. I asked if she wanted to eat first but no she wanted to get out there asap. :)
We headed out late morning (after I tore her away from the clippers) for not-back-to-school gathering at Ocean Beach. There were quite a few people there despite the fact that it was "cancelled" due to bad weather. It was super windy with bigger waves than I have ever seen at OB. We had fun on the beach for a bit and then headed across the boardwalk to the playground when all the kids started complaining about sand in their eyes.
Later we got a message from the grandparents who are traveling in China. We did some research on Beijing and the Ming Tombs .. then we were able to find the tombs on satellite photographs ... pretty neat! The kids were fascinated by one of the excavated tombs and by the pairs of mythical animals that guard a section on the path. Can't wait to see their pictures.

I went out in the evening to hear David Benioff speak about his novel "City of Thieves" .. hearing him speak made me appreciate the book even more .. and I got my copy autographed. :) I was surprised to hear that it is all ficition .. he had me there! It is such a visually rich book and it has really stayed with me .. even weeks after having finished it. I highly recommend it.

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