Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 2nd .. view from the top of the monument at Fort Griswold

Today (September 2) we went back to Fort Griswold to climb the monument. It was a clear day so we could see out to the ocean. This is a photograph of the fort. We explored inside the museum and saw a model of the Fort as it was in 1781, etc. Both kids climbed all 166 steps to the top and the park rangers gave them both a poster of the monument to take home. We walked around the fort and through the tunnel again and talked a little about Colonel Ledyard and Benedict Arnold (and what the word traitor means). Later we went over to Grampa and Grandma's house to see them before they leave for China. We watched a video about China and talked about some of the places they will visit. The kids were most interested in the terracotta soldiers and the great wall. Note to self: research whether the great wall can be seen from space. One of the guide books says no way. We will follow their trip in our atlas and can't wait to see their pictures. Time to practice some of that Mandarin. Ni hao!

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